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Investor FAQs

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Where is Oil States headquartered?

Oil States International, Inc.
333 Clay Street, Suite 4620
Houston, Texas 77002
(713) 652-0582

When did the company go public and at what price?

Oil States went public on February 8, 2001, with an initial public offering price of $9.00 per share.

What are the dates of the company's fiscal year?

The Oil States fiscal year mirrors the calendar year – January 1st to December 31st.

How can I invest in Oil States?

The company trades on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol OIS, and shares can be purchased through a brokerage or stock purchase service of your choice.

Does Oil States have a direct purchase plan?

No, and the company has no current plans to implement one.

What is the company's dividend policy?

We have never issued a dividend and do not expect to for the foreseeable future. Our plan is to continue to utilize our earnings and cash flow from operations to fund the growth of the company.

Who is your transfer agent?

P.O. Box 358015
Pittsburgh, PA 15252-8015

Where do I go for more information?
Visit Investor Relations on this website, where you can find information on our SEC filings, press releases, investor presentations and webcasts. You can also follow these direct links for specific information and to obtain copies:  
SEC Documents
Press Releases
How do I determine my basis in both Oil States and Civeo stocks?
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